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Large gift box ~ two types of tea

Large gift box ~ two types of tea

Large gift box ~ two types of tea


Tea gifts. Give the gift of connection.

A cup of tea is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether your tea gift is a thank you, a Christmas or birthday gift or to treat mum upon the arrival of her new baby, your gift will give that person a moment of restorative relaxation every time they brew a cup of tea. What a beautiful way to keep connected with someone special.

These beautifully packaged gift boxes include:

  • two loose-leaf artisan teas
  • our well-crafted double-walled tea glass infuser 
  • our long-handled teaspoon.

The artisan teas in our gift boxes change regularly. We include one darker style tea (a black or dark oolong) as well as a lighter style (light oolong, green or white tea). We currently have Lapsang Souchong and White Pekoe Silver Needles in the box (see tasting notes below). If you would like something different, we're happy to change the teas - simply add a note to your order in your cart. 

Our double-walled tea glass infuser is the perfect brewing vessel for your gift recipient’s artisan tea. They simply add their teaspoon of leaves into the net that sits in the tea glass, fill it with water, pop on the lid and let it steep. The lid then turns in to a drip tray for the infuser net. Its dual walls mean the glass is warm to touch but not hot; its rounded shape nestles nicely into cupped hands and the smooth lip makes taking a sip a pleasure. This infuser is the perfect brewing vessel for a busy morning, for the office, to take on holiday and even breakfast in bed, in addition to every-day use. The infuser’s clever design removes the need for both a tea cup and pot and we believe it beats the ease and speed of a teabag.

Our teaspoon’s large spoon capacity helps your gift recipient measure the right amount of leaves for the infuser and the long handle allows them to scoop leaves out of the foil pouch with ease.

Here are the teas currently in our gift box: 

Lapsang Souchong, black tea, China
Ripe plum, wood, smokey finish
Lapsang Souchong often thought of as a highly smokey tea but this is an unsmoked version of the tea. From the moment you smell the dry leaves you are struck by an assortment of flavour notes - plum, stone-fruit tree blossoms, tree bark - which carry on through into the steeped tea alongside notes of malt, freshly-cut wood, mineral and a subtle smoke finish. This Lapsang Souchong is a rich and clean black tea. 

White Pekoe Silver Needles, white tea, China
Sweet hay, sugarcane, lychee
These plump, soft downy buds are the first flush of 2018, plucked by hand in the Chinese Spring. After a brief wilting period, they are dried with warm wind that is tunnelled through the tea. This is a refreshing, sweet and nicely rounded white tea with a pale sun-set yellow liquor and notes of hay, sugarcane and lychee fruit.