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The Tea Curator began with the simple but ambitious aim of helping people enjoy the beautiful experience of single-origin tea. From the vast variety of flavours and leaf shapes, to the delicious aromas and tastes; there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. Tea is such a simple pleasure, and we believe that the simple pleasures are the most nourishing ones.

We believe that premium, loose-leaf tea nourishes the body and mind. That every cup of tea offers an opportunity to relax, take a moment and connect with yourself and others. And that after each cup of tea, we feel more focused, contented and grounded.
We also believe that knowledge is powerful; that by discovering and learning about different types of tea, we’ll have a more enriching experience.
So we set out to create a monthly subscription service that delivers single-origin tea to tea-lovers every month. With every beautifully-packaged box that arrives, our customers have the opportunity to stop and savour a moment for themselves, to be nourished and enriched, and learn a little bit more about the world of tea.

Our mission is to bring a moment of relaxation into busy lives through the simple, nourishing pleasure of single-origin tea. 

About the founder

Anna Kydd: artisan Tea Master

Anna fell in love with tea as a child, with a steaming tea-pot (resplendent with knitted tea-cosy) an ever-present feature at the breakfast table. Later, in London – a tea-lover’s paradise – Anna attended a tea masterclass on a whim and was hooked. In Australia, she trained to be a certified Tea Master. The experience was transformative.
Upon returning to her native New Zealand and having two daughters (who, of course, love nothing more than a tea-party), Anna decided that it was her mission in life to change the way people think about tea. That she could help people understand that the very experience of brewing, smelling and drinking tea can be a restorative, nourishing experience. She turned her back on her corporate life and established The Tea Curator with the aim of bringing a cupful of balance into busy lives.
And now, she’d love nothing more than to curate a selection of single-origin tea, just for you.



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