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Tea subscription - just for you

Tea subscription - just for you

Tea subscription - just for you

Subscription details
How subscriptions work

Products are automatically delivered every month. Gift subscriptions are paid in one sum upfront and delivered to your recipient every month. Monthly Tea Subscriptions are billed and delivered monthly. There is no obligation; you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Your relaxation time, made easy.

Each month, you’ll receive a beautiful box filled with two different teas, each with a unique fragrance and flavour (see below for this month's teas). You’ll also receive information about the provenance and flavour profile of your tea selection, so that you can savour the knowledge – as well as the flavour – behind the tea you’re enjoying.  

If you’re a regular tea-drinker – that is, drinking 1-2 cups a day – the quantity of tea will last you around half the month; enough to restore, relax and enjoy alongside your regular tea-drinking routine. Every month, we choose one darker tea (dark, black or highly-oxidised oolong) and one lighter style tea (lightly-oxidised oolong, green, yellow or white) so there should always be one tea that suits your taste buds, plus another to help you experience a new flavour. 

The subscription price of $27 per month includes shipping (a surcharge applies for rural deliveries). Delivery is to New Zealand only. 

If you would like to try our teas and service without committing to a monthly subscription, you can purchase a sample box here

Savour the flavour

To make it easy for you to brew the perfect cup of artisan tea, we recommend you include our tea glass infuser with your first subscription box, at an additional one-off cost of $30. If you purchase the infuser with your subscription we will include our long-handled teaspoon and delivery, both free of charge (please select 'Add to cart' above before you select an option below).



In our July box:

Wild Forest Purple
Black tea, Japan
Flavor notes: Cacao, dried currants, malt ~ stimulating and intense
This decadent, 2020 spring harvest tea comes from tea plants that grow wild in the mountain forests west of Mang Shi, Dehong, southern China, near the Myanmar border, at an altitude of between 1600 – 2200m. ‘Purple’ indicates the presence of the amino acid anthocyanin (found in red/purple fruit and vegetables), which gives the leaves a deep red/purple hue and a sweet, red berry flavour.

Jade Snail, 'Yu Luo'
Green tea, China

Flavor notes: Summer grass, unripe lemon, green melon ~ light bodied
These fresh spring leaf buds are grown at an altitude of 1750m in Jing Dong, at the base of the Ai Lao mountains in Yunnan Province, southern China. When steeped, they release a sweet, fruity and grassy aroma. The infused tea is light-bodied and has a vigorous mouthfeel with notes of summer grass, unripe lemon, green melon and a hint of bitterness in the finish. It pairs well with a green salad or a smokey cheese. March 2020 harvest.

You can see what these two teas look like in our Instagram story