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Tea subscription - just for you

Tea subscription - just for you

Tea subscription - just for you

Subscription details
How subscriptions work

Products are automatically delivered every month. Gift subscriptions are paid in one sum upfront and delivered to your recipient every month. Monthly Tea Subscriptions are billed and delivered monthly. There is no obligation; you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Invest in your wellbeing, every day

Your monthly tea subscription gives you permission to take healthy time out for yourself, and make that a habit each and every day. It offers you a regular invitation in your day to feel restored, calm and centered. That restorative moment infuses serenity, contentment and reflection time into your life. It gives you more clarity; makes you more decisive, more grounded and better able to address the challenges of your day.  Investing in your wellbeing is not a luxury. Its smart and its a necessity. 

What you receive with your subscription

In the first week of every month, you’ll receive a beautiful box filled with two different specialty teas, each with a unique fragrance and flavour (see below for this month's teas). Your first box comes with our tea guide to help you steep and taste your teas. 

If you’re a regular tea-drinker – that is, drinking 1-2 cups a day – the quantity of tea (2 x 20g pouches) will last you around half the month. We focus on high quality, low volume teas and every month, we choose one darker tea (dark, black or highly-oxidised oolong) and one lighter style tea (lightly-oxidised oolong, green, yellow or white). So there should always be one tea that suits your taste buds, plus another to help you experience a new flavour. 

Who is the subscription for? 

If you consider yourself a 'foodie'; if you love trying out new flavours or taking part in food or beverage tastings; and if you are interested in learning more about tea and want to develop your taste buds then our tea subscription is perfect for you. With specialty tea, the flavours you experience may be unfamiliar and different to what you are used to. So, when you drink it, you will have a wonderful experience if are curious, open-minded and to adopt an adventurous palette. 

If you love the comfort of your tea tasting the same each time, your best option is to stick to your normal tea brand rather than join our subscription.  

Choose from three options for your first box:

Option 1: Small box ~ $29
~ teas only (2 x 20g pouches)

Option 2: Large box ~ $59* (save $20)
~ teas as above and our tea glass infuser and long handled teaspoon packaged in our large gift box, to help you prepare and drink your tea with ease. 

Option 3: Ultra-large box ~ $359* (save $48)
~ teas, tea glass infuser, long handled teaspoon (as in Option 2) as well as the Fellow Stagg EKG temperature variable kettle and a Rhino pocket scale. These are the essential tools all serious tea drinkers need to expertly prepare and enjoy your tea.  

*Options 2 and 3 are special rates just for tea subscribers. All subsequent deliveries after the first box will be the small box with two teas at $29 per month (NZ delivery, rural surcharge applies).

Tea knowledge

We believe that knowledge is powerful; that by discovering and learning about different types of tea, you will have a more enriching experience. By purchasing the monthly subscription box you give us permission to add your email address to our mailing list, so we can send you information about your teas each month. Please let us know if you wish to opt-out. 

In our May 2022 box:

Moonlight Pavilion
White tea, China

Flavor: floral, buttery, vegetal – light & cleansing
Harvested in February 2022, these silky, soft downy buds have been delicately plucked by hand in the tea fields of Zhenyuan township, Simao, Yunnan province. They are then carefully dried to retain their shape. This graceful tea expresses itself over a range of temperatures. Start low at 70', then increase by 5 degrees for each infusion. You’ll notice the aromas undulate between floral, buttery and vegetal, with a pleasant astringency at each temperature. First Flush of the 2022 Chinese Spring Harvest.

Himalayan Orange
Black tea, Nepal - organic

Flavor: malt, floral, burnt butter, wood ~ medium bodied
Layered with intense flavours, Himalayan Orange is Jun Chiyabari’s classic ‘go-to’ tea. Well-rounded with muscatel richness it releases malty, woody and floral aromas with hints of burnt butter and a mild astringency. June 2021 harvest.

Jun Chiyabari, meaning ‘Moonlit tea garden’, is a family run, high mountain tea estate led by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali. The tea plants are set in small plots scattered between forests, bamboo groves, boulders and streams, at an altitude of 1650m to 2100m in Dhankuta, east Nepal. The terroir, the brothers’ commitment to organic production and careful processing creates rare, high quality, light and aromatic full-leaf teas. Organic certification by IMO.

See what these teas look like in the second to last image above.  

How the subscription works:

1. You sign up for our monthly tea subscription service - select size and add to cart above.
2. We curate a selection of beautifully tasting, fragrant loose leaf teas - two different teas every month.
3. We deliver to your door each month. You’ll receive your first box straight away, with each subsequent delivery in the first week of every month. You can cancel anytime.
4. You enjoy a relaxing, restorative experience with every cup of tea.

If you would like to try our teas and service without committing to a monthly subscription, you can purchase a sample box here and we'll send you the current month's teas.