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Relaxation box

Relaxation box

Relaxation box


Give yourself or someone special the simple gift of relaxation.

A cup of tea is one of life’s great pleasures. Choosing to take a moment, every day, and mindfully committing to the sensory experience of tea has a powerfully restorative effect.

Use this box to give yourself a moment of rejuvenating relaxation every time you steep a cup of tea. 

Our Relaxation box includes:

  • two 20g loose-leaf, specialty teas
  • our well-crafted double-walled tea glass infuser (glass and infuser net in one)
  • our long-handled teaspoon
  • a guide to step you steep your tea.

Loose-leaf, specialty teas
Our specialty teas are crafted with great care and attention and come from different tea producing countries across the world. In this box we use the same teas that feature in our monthly subscription box - you can see these here. We include one darker style tea (a black or dark oolong) as well as a lighter style (light oolong, green or white tea). If you would like something specific - simply add a note to your order in your cart. 

Infuser glass
Our Finum double-walled tea glass infuser is the perfect brewing vessel for specialty tea. Simply add a  teaspoon of leaves into the net that sits in the tea glass, fill it with water, pop on the lid and let it steep. The lid then turns in to a drip tray for the infuser net. Its dual walls mean the glass is warm to touch but not hot; its rounded shape nestles nicely into cupped hands and the smooth lip makes taking a sip a pleasure. This infuser is the perfect brewing vessel for a busy morning, for the office, working-from-home, to take on holiday and even breakfast in bed, in addition to every-day use. The infuser’s clever design removes the need for both a tea cup and pot and we believe it beats the ease and speed of a teabag.

Our teaspoon’s large spoon capacity helps to measure the right amount of leaves for the infuser and the long handle allows you to scoop leaves out of the pouch with ease.

All you need to create a beautifully relaxing experience, every day.