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Gift subscription - 3, 6 & 12 months

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Give the gift of relaxation

Each month, your gift recipient will receive a beautiful box filled with two different specialty teas, each with a unique fragrance and flavour. 

They will also receive information about the provenance and flavour profile of their tea selection, so that they can savour the knowledge – as well as the flavour – behind the tea they’re enjoying.   

If they’re a regular tea-drinker – that is, drinking 1-2 cups a day – the quantity of tea (2 x 20g pouches) will last them around half the month; enough to restore, relax and enjoy alongside their regular tea-drinking routine.

Elevate their tea ritual

Make it easy for your gift recipient to prepare the perfect cup of tea gift by upgrading the first delivery to our large gift box. This includes:

  • our well-crafted Finum double-walled tea glass infuser (glass and infuser net in one)
  • our long-handled teaspoon

By purchasing these together with the tea subscription you receive 10% off.  See below.


The first box is sent immediately and each subsequent box is sent on the 2nd of each month (or the next working day if this falls on a weekend/holiday). Pricing includes shipping. 

Duration of gift subscription

You can choose a 3-month, 6-month or 12 month subscription. Please select the correct shipping option - metro or rural delivery.