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Tea for Christmas day

Tea for Christmas day

Tea for Christmas day


Tea has a diverse and interesting flavour profile – one that is as complex, if not more so, than wine. And in the same way that you can pair wine with food, you can also pair tea with food

With our Tea for Christmas Day box, you can add a little extra sparkle to Christmas Day and enhance your Christmas dinner with a tea pairing for each course. These teas are an excellent alternative or accompaniment to your Christmas day wine selection. 

Our Tea for Christmas Day box includes: 

~ three single origin loose-leaf teas

~ a little note card to introduce the teas and our pairing suggestions, and

~ our tea steeping and tasting guide

You can choose to upgrade this box to include teaware:

~ 'Large for one' includes the teas plus our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon

~ 'Large for two' includes the teas plus our Hario 300ml teapot, two Kinto Kronos tea glasses infuser and our long handled tea spoon

Upgrading the box make it the perfect gift for anyone who prefers not to drink alcohol on Christmas Day. 

The teas in our Tea for Christmas Day box are:

Giddapahar First Flush,
Black tea, India
Flavour: Floral, muscatel, dried apricot, raisin
Giddapahar Tea Estate was founded in 1881 and been under the ownership and management of the Shaw family ever since its inception. Located on the gentle slopes of the Kurseong Valley at an elevation of 1500m, Giddapahar produces exquisite and distinctive Darjeeling teas from tea plants more than 100 years old. Its first flush teas (the very first leaves to appear in spring after the winter dormancy) are much sought-after. This March 2020 harvest tea works beautifully hot or cold-brewed. To create a sparkling cold brew, add dry leaves into a bottle of sparkling water, chill in the fridge for 2 hours, strain then serve. This accentuates the tea’s floral and fruity notes, creating a vibrant and playful, celebratory tea.

Serve Giddapahar: cold-brewed in sparkling water either as an apertif or paired with your appetisers - particularly light seafood such as scallops, prawns and oysters. 

Assam Borpatra
Black tea, India
Flavour: malt, wood, honey, nut ~ rich & full bodied 
This classic, tippy Assam black tea comes from Borpatra tea estate in Assam, northern India. The estate is located in the foothills of the Tirap district, near Assam’s north-western border. Full bodied and well-structured with rich notes of malt, exotic wood, a honey sweetness and walnut aftertaste. Pair with sweet deserts, red meat or with a simple breakfast of eggs or vegemite on toast. September 2020 harvest. If adding milk, steep for 3 – 5 minutes.

Serve Assam Borpatra: hot steeped with your mains - the body and astringency of this tea works well with meat as well as vegetarian dishes. The food pairing works best when the tea is served without milk.

Himalayan Royale Handcrafted Tips
Black tea, Nepal
Flavour: gardenia, eucalyptus and pine ~ medium bodied & aromatic 

Himalayan Royale Handcrafted Tips is Jun Chiyabari’s signature black tea. Harvested on 3 and 7 May 2021 and carefully crafted under the tea maker’s careful supervision. The infusion releases an opulent floral and citrus fragrance. Medium-bodied with a fresh acidity and notes of gardenia, eucalyptus and pine.

Jun Chiyabari, meaning ‘Moonlit tea garden’, is a family run, high mountain tea estate led by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali. The tea plants are set in small plots scattered between forests, bamboo groves, boulders and streams, at an altitude of 1650m to 2100m in Dhankuta, east Nepal. The terroir, the brothers’ commitment to organic production and careful processing creates rare, high quality, light and aromatic full-leaf teas. Organic certification by IMO.

Serve Himalayan Royale: hot with your deserts or cheese board. 

Each tea is 20 grams (enough to serve seven people hot steeped or make 2 litres when cold-brewed in sparkling water, however each tea can be steeped at least twice providing tea for even more).