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Tea for Christmas day

Tea for Christmas day

Tea for Christmas day


Tea has a diverse and interesting flavour profile – one that is as complex, if not more so, than wine. And in the same way that you can pair wine with food, you can also pair tea with food

With our Tea for Christmas Day box, you can add a little extra sparkle to Christmas Day and enhance your Christmas dinner with a tea pairing for each course. These teas are an excellent alternative or accompaniment to your Christmas day wine selection. 

Our Tea for Christmas Day box includes: 

~ five teas of 20 grams each, enough to serve seven people (although each tea can be steeped at least twice providing tea for even more people) - described below

~ a little note card to introduce the teas and our pairing suggestions, and

~ our tea steeping and tasting guide

The five teas are:

White Pekoe Silver Needles
White tea, China
Sweet hay, sugarcane, lychee
These plump, soft downy buds are the first flush of 2018, plucked by hand in the Chinese Spring. After a brief wilting period, they are dried with warm wind that is tunnelled through the tea. This is a refreshing, sweet and nicely rounded white tea with a pale sun-set yellow liquor and notes of hay, sugarcane and lychee fruit.

Serve Silver Needles: hot as an apertif, or cold brewed with oysters. 

Milk Tree
Light oolong, Taiwan
Butter, flowers, apricot, milk caramel 

This 2018 Spring harvest is a glamorous and lively oolong with a buttery, floral aroma that carries through into the liquor along with a touch of greens and stone fruit flavours. Once rolled and compressed into beads, the leaves have undergone a light roasting, resulting in a lovely hint of milk caramel that becomes more prominent the more you steep the tea. These leaves were grown at an elevation of 400m in the Zhushan region of Nantou Country, central Taiwan. Certified organic by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).

Serve Milk Tree: with your appetisers - particularly light seafood such as scallops, prawns and white fish.

Assam Dejoo
Black tea, India
Malt, roasted nut, stewed apple
This black tea is grown at Dejoo Estate, one of the top ten estates in the famous tea growing region of Assam, in North East India. The tea has an abundance of golden tips nestled within its black leaves, which infuse into a lovely bronze-red liquor with a full-bodied malt, nut and fruit flavour.

Serve Assam Dejoo: with your mains - the body and astringency of this tea works well with meat as well as vegetarian dishes, sides and salads. 

Orchid Red Gabba
Dark oolong tea, China
Nut, baked plum, wild orchid 
Orchid Red Gaba is grown in the province of Yunnan. GABA teas have a high concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid which is said to help reduce anxiety and stress and induce calm. What a nice way to wind down on Christmas day! 

Serve Orchid Red Gabba: with your deserts. The fruity notes of this tea notes will enhance the sweetness of any fruit you serve and the roasty, nutty notes will act as a nice counterbalance to sweet, rich deserts. 

Tangerine Ripe Puerh
Dark tea, China
Tangerine, mushroom, damp earth, leather

These leaves have been rapidly fermented with moisture and high humidity, pressed into a tangerine rind, then dried in the sun for a week. The result is a lovely earthy, leathery puerh tea but with a citrus flavour twist. 

Serve: Alone as a digestif or with cheese. A cheese platter that works particularly well is a goat's gouda or camembert served with wafer crackers, almonds and/or pistachios, slices of ripe pair and honeycomb. Puerh teas are said to be good for digestion so you can opt serve this alone as a digestif


Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice when hot steeped (or up to six times for the Tangerine tea). The box includes a little note card to introduce the teas and our pairing suggestions as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.