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ROASTED GREEN TEA: Suzume 'Sparrow' Kukicha, Japan

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Suzume 'Sparrow' Kukicha
Roasted green tea, Japan

Flavour: mocha, raw sugar, wood, apricot ~ ultra-light

Smooth and ultra-light in body, Suzume is made entirely from stems of summer harvest leaves. This tea reflects the ‘wholeness’ philosophy of Japanese Zen Buddhism where the tea farm uses the entire tea leaf without wasting any of its parts.

The stems are steamed, dried then roasted, creating a rustic and mellow tea with aromas of baked apricot, caramelised sugar, mocha and wood. It is very low in caffeine.

This July 2020 harvest tea comes from Obubu Tea Farm, Kyoto Japan - an agricultural social venture with a strong focus on high quality tea, community contribution and tea education.

Preparation: Steep for 3 minutes at 90°. Three infusions. 

Sizes: Sparrow Kukicha comes in four sizes: a 3 gram single serve, then 20g, 50g and 100g pouches. Our leaves can all be steeped at least twice (often more), so while the 3g pouch is a single serve (150 mls - a standard tea cup size), it will give you two cups if you steep the leaves twice