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Matcha set

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Matcha is an astounding tea and a true sensory pleasure: from its vivid green colour, silky soft powder, to its savoury flavour and fulfilling mouthfeel. Not to mention the number of nutrients hidden within.

Authentic matcha is a premium Japanese green tea made from tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant that have been shaded before harvest, then, after plucking, they are steamed, their veins and stems removed, and dried before being ground by stone mill into a fine powder.

For our matcha set we have carefully curated each individual piece:

- First class 2023 Spring harvest matcha from Kagoshima, Japan 

- Authentic bamboo whisk ('chasen') hand-made in Japan

- Authentic bamboo matcha scoop ('chashaku') hand-made in Japan

- A hand-crafted, speckled matcha bowl ('chawan') made by NZ ceramic artist Betty Chung

Packaged in our large gift box (please note the matcha bowl doesn't come in a little box as shown in the image.

The traditional way to prepare matcha is to scoop matcha powder into a matcha bowl, then whisk it in a 'w' shape until a foam appears on top. You then sip your matcha from the bowl. Our matcha set has all you need to make the perfect matcha. 

Find out more about matcha in Anna's blog, 'Why you should be drinking matcha'.