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Kinto Unitea One touch 280ml glass tea pot

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Kinto's simple and modern teapot design showcases the beauty of your tea leaves infusing inside the teapot.

The circular shape lets your leaves fully expand and the snugly-fitting lid with mesh net means your tea is easily strained when you pour it into your cup. 

This teapot is perfect for one or two people and makes a lovely set when paired with the Kinto Kronos short and tall double-walled tea cups. The teapot also comes as part of our KINTO tea set


VOLUME: 280ml
FEATURES: Microwave and dishwasher safe
MATERIALS: Glass and polypropylene.
SOURCE: Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China

*the cups, tray and spoon in the image ares not included :). But you can buy the KINTO tea set here.