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Kinto Kronos double wall tall glass

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At The Curator we're particular about the teaware we use, and this is one of our favourite tea cups. We love using this cup in the evenings in particular when we're having a cup of tea on the sofa. 

Designed by Japanese homewares company Kinto, its modern, glass design allows your steeped tea to glow in your cup; and its double wall with central ridge means it nestles comfortably and warmly in your hands as you sip your tea. 

The cup also comes as part of our KINTO tea set

Detailed description

Kinto Kronos double wall tea/coffee cup:
- 250ml capacity
- heat-resistant 
- dishwasher and microwave safe
- designed in Japan, manufactured in China


*the teapot, tray and spoon in the image are not included :). But you can buy the KINTO tea set here.