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OOLONG TEA: Himalayan Beauty, Nepal

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Himalayan Beauty
Oolong tea, Nepal

Flavour: floral, fruity, wood
This open-leaf, tippy oolong is a 2023 Spring harvest from the mountainous tea-growing district of Ilam in Nepal. Ilam sits at a similar altitude to the famous tea region, Darjeeling, just across the border in India.

Himalayan Beauty infuses into a beautifully balanced, delicate and fragrant tea with a smooth, creamy texture. Initial floral notes give way to fruity aromas - orange peel, apple skins and muscatel grape – which happily marry with its woody undertone.

Sizes: Himalayan Beautcomes in four sizes: a 3-gram single serve, then 20g, 50g and 100g pouches. Our leaves can all be steeped at least twice (often more), so while the 3g pouch is a single serve (150 mls - a standard tea cup size), it will give you two cups if you steep the leaves twice.