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BLACK TEA: Laoshan Imperial Black, China - 2024

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Laoshan Imperial Black
Black tea, China

Flavour: malt, spice, sweetened cream, licorice
This 2024 Spring harvest, imperial grade tea is grown and crafted by the Liang family in Laoshan Village, located in the coastal province of Shandong, Eastern China.

The tea plants are covered by shading cloths during winter to protect from frost and for the first part of spring; a process which intensifies the nutrient content inside the leaf and deepens the leaf colour. The shades are then lifted to allow the plants to grow in full sun before harvest in late April/early May.

These beautifully shaped leaves infuse into a light-bodied, rich tea with notes of malt, vanilla, cinnamon, sweetened cream, and hint of black licorice in the tail.

Preparation: Steep for 3 minutes at 95° - 100°.  Two infusions. 

Sizes: Laoshan Imperial Black comes in five sizes: a 3 gram single serve, then 20g, 50g, 100g and 200g pouches. Our leaves can all be steeped at least twice (often more), so while the 3g pouch is a single serve (150 mls - a standard tea cup size), it will give you two cups if you steep the leaves twice.