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BLACK TEA: Black Ruby, Myanmar

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Black Ruby
Black tea, Myanmar

Flavour: rich, sweet & fruity - light-bodied
This is a rare, award-winning, small-batch tea from the village of Kyayk Saung in Mogok, Myanmar. It is rich, light in body and has a mild astringency. Notes of milk chocolate, raw sugar and orange rind give way to a floral finish, which intensifies as the tea cools.

May 2023 harvest.

Mogok Tea is run by London-based, Myanmar-born, Phyu Thwe. Black Ruby comes from Five Trees Estate in Mogok. Phyu established the company to improve the quality of life for her fellow people in the Mogok region. Sustainable, organic production and protecting the local environment is central to the company ethos. EU Organic Certification is by Control Union.

Read the story of Mogok Tea in Anna's recent blog: 'Creating prosperity in Myanmar with tea'. 

Sizes: Black Ruby comes in four sizes: a 3-gram single serve, then 20g, 50g and 100g pouches. Our leaves can all be steeped at least twice (often more), so while the 3g pouch is a single serve (150 mls - a standard tea cup size), it will give you two cups if you steep the leaves twice.