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Your tea subscription. Nourishing, immersive experiences, every month. 

Your relaxation time, made easy.

We make it easy for you to enjoy a moment for yourself. Each month, you’ll receive a beautiful box filled with two different high-quality, single-origin teas, each with a unique fragrance and flavour. You’ll also receive information about the provenance and flavour profile of your tea selection, so that you can savour the knowledge – as well as the flavour – behind the tea you’re enjoying.  

If you’re a regular tea-drinker – that is, drinking 1-2 cups a day – the quantity of tea (typically two 20g pouches) will last you around half the month; enough to restore, relax and enjoy alongside your regular tea-drinking routine.

To help you picture what you might receive, take a look at the tea that has recently appeared in our monthly subscription boxes.  For each box we choose teas from the six types of tea: white, green, yellow, oolong, black and dark tea*.  We typically include one darker tea (dark, black or highly-oxidised oolong) and one lighter style tea (lightly-oxidised oolong, green, yellow or white) so there should always be one tea that suits your taste buds, plus another to help you experience a new flavour. 

How it works

    1. You sign up for our monthly tea subscription service.
    2. We curate a selection of beautifully tasting, fragrant artisan teas.
    3. We deliver to your door every month. You’ll receive your first box straight away, with each subsequent delivery in the first week of every month. You can cancel anytime.
    4. You enjoy a relaxing, restorative experience with every cup of tea.




"The Tea Curator has introduced me a diverse, delicious world of tea that I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. I not only enjoy discovering  new tastes every month but also finding out what my favourite varieties are. The teas are a visual and sensory treat, from soft feathery leaves to hard pellets that unfold beautifully on brewing, all with their own aroma. Thanks for making a tea epicurean out of me!"

- Kerryn, subscription customer, Wellington



* We don't include herbal infusions as these aren't actually tea. Find out more here!