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Create your own gift box

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Create a bespoke tea gift box for your special someone, choosing the teas that are perfect for them. 

Here's how it works:

1) Select your empty 'base box' in the Size option above.

The small* box can fit between two and four 20g pouches or two 50/100g pouches. The large can fit up to 10 pouches of any size. The large box can also fit up to one teapot and two tea cups. Please note the price is for the gift box only and excludes the cost of your teas/teaware.

2) Select 'Add to Cart'.

3) Browse our loose leaf tea collection and choose the pouches you want us to include (selecting 'add to cart' for each one). 

4) If you want the gift sent straight to your recipient, you have the option of selecting a gift card and ribbon and adding your gift card message when you arrive at your cart. 

 *the small box comes in purple and green shades, as shown in the first image. If you have a preference, please add a note to your cart.