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Tea for whisky drinkers

Tea for whisky drinkers

Tea for whisky drinkers


Whisky drinkers love deep, warming, earthy flavours - think peaty, smokey, nutty, caramel, wood - and aren’t afraid of a beverage that packs a punch. 

Our tea master, Anna Kydd, is also a whisky drinker and she has hand-selected six of her favourite darker style teas with deep, sweet and smokey notes that will give you a warming afterglow, just like a dram of good whisky. 

To make it easy for you or your gift recipient to brew the perfect cup of tea, you can choose to upgrade this box to include our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon, which comes packaged in our large gift box. 

The teas currently in our whisky drinkers tea box are:

Hojicha, roasted green tea, Japan
Coffee, hazelnut, toast, caramel
Hojicha is a roasted Japanese tea made with mature leaves and stalks. The roasting process creates the warm brown colour of the leaves, its mild coffee-like aroma, and its toasty, nutty flavour. The stalks add a sweet, caramel finish. Hojicha is said to have a low caffeine content, making it the perfect choice for a relaxing, after-dinner drink.

Da Hong Pao, ‘Big Red Robe’, oolong tea, China
Wood, walnut, spice
Da Hong Pao is one of the famous ‘rock oolongs’ grown in the mountainous area of Wuji Rock, in Fujian, China. It is a legendary tea named after red robes that were draped over specific tea bushes said to have cured an Emperor’s ill mother in the 1300s. Da Hong Pao’s large twisted leaves produce warm, roasty notes of wood, walnut and spice.

Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black, black tea, Taiwan
Caramel, fruit, nut, sweet finish
This rare tea comes from one of the most famous tea locations in Taiwan, Dong Ding. Leaves from the Jin Xuan tea plant cultivar, usually used to make oolong, have been expertly crafted into a black tea, creating a unique, silky and supple tea with a light caramel, fruit and roasted nut flavour.

Lapsang Souchong, black tea, China
Ripe plum, wood, smokey finish
Lapsang Souchong often thought of as a highly smokey tea but this is an unsmoked version of the tea. From the moment you smell the dry leaves you are struck by an assortment of flavour notes - plum, stone-fruit tree blossoms, tree bark - which carry on through into the steeped tea alongside notes of malt, freshly-cut wood, mineral and a subtle smoke finish. This Lapsang Souchong is a rich and clean black tea.

Smokey Lapsang Souchong, black tea, China
Bonfire, tree sap, pine, malt
To accentuate the natural smokey notes of Lapsang Souchong, these leaves are smoke dried over a pine wood fire. The result is a highly aromatic tea with an intense smoke, pine and malt flavour. Close your eyes when you sip this tea and imagine yourself outside at dusk nestled in front of a roaring bonfire. This tea is not for the faint of heart. 

Haiwan Raw Puerh 2014, dark (fermented) tea, China 
Mushroom, mineral, pine - earthy
In 2014 in Yunnan Province, China, these leaves were hand-plucked, fermented then pressed into tiny cakes that resemble a little bird’s nest. The nests have then been aged for four years. This is a very earthy tea that has a fragrant, forest-floor like aroma and in the poured tea you will find notes of mushroom, mineral and pine.

Each tea is 6 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. The box includes a little note card to introduce the box to the gift recipient as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.