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Organic tea box

Organic tea box

Organic tea box


Let both your mind and your body be nourished with our organic tea box. 

Each of these organic teas has been carefully selected to showcase the incredible diversity of flavour and aroma and the sensory experience that comes with carefully crafted specialty tea.

Our Organic box comes with:

~ Four 20g pouches of tea (descriptions below)

~ Our Finum tea glass infuser (double walled glass, steeping net and lid/drip tray in one - the BEST devise to steep and sip your tea)

~ Our long handled teaspoon

~ Our tea steeping guide and a little card to introduce the box  

The teas in our organic box are:

Bukit Sari Premium Black, black tea, Indonesia
Flavour: malt, dark chocolate, maple syrup ~ rich and intense
The Bukit Sari tea garden sits at an altitude of 1150 – 1350m in a remote part of West Java, Indonesia. It is surrounded by conservation forest and has the Citambur Waterfall at its feet. Bukit Sari has been certified organic since 2007 and is committed to bio-diversity and sustainable farming. Its tea plants are replenished by natural mountain spring water and grown amongst companion plants of flowers and herbs which act as a natural bug repellent.  Their Imperial Black tea is carefully harvested by hand then finely crafted to draw out its best characteristics. The leaves infuse into a brisk, medium bodied tea with notes of malt, dark chocolate and maple syrup. March 2020 harvest. Certified organic by USDA.

Honey Aroma, oolong tea, Taiwan 
Flavour: cream, honey, nut, flowers ~ soft & smooth
This Spring 2021 harvest oolong is grown near Mingjian township, Nantou County, in central Taiwan and belongs to the category of ‘bug bitten’ teas. The farmers allow little leaf hoppers to nibble on the leaves before harvest, initiating a biological change in the leaf while it is still on the plant, resulting in a sweeter flavour. After harvest, the leaves are lightly oxidised and roasted. Honey Aroma infuses into a light-bodied tea with a soft and smooth mouthfeel. It has gentle notes of cream and honey, a hint of roasted nut and a lingering floral aftertaste. Certified Organic by Hong Kong Organic Certification Centre

Himalayan Orange Black, black tea, Nepal
Flavour: Malt, floral, burnt butter, wood ~ medium bodied
Layered with intense flavours, Himalayan Orange is Jun Chiyabari’s classic ‘go-to’ tea. Well-rounded with muscatel richness it releases malty, woody and floral aromas with hints of burnt butter and a mild astringency. June 2021 harvest.

Jun Chiyabari, meaning ‘Moonlit tea garden’, is a family run, high mountain tea estate led by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali. The tea plants are set in small plots scattered between forests, bamboo groves, boulders and streams, at an altitude of 1650m to 2100m in Dhankuta, east Nepal. The terroir, the brothers’ commitment to organic production and careful processing creates rare, high quality, light and aromatic full-leaf teas. Organic certification by IMO.

Genmaicha Premium, green tea, Japan
Flavour: marine, steamed greens, toasty & smooth
While 'Genmaicha' translates to 'brown rice tea', it is often affectionately called ‘Popcorn tea’. The toasted notes of the roasted rice complement the savoury profile of the sencha, creating a smooth and comforting tea that works well on its own or with food- chicken, vegetables, noodle and rice dishes and Japanese cuisine in particular. This is a Spring (April) 2021 harvest tea from the Yamaguchi family tea farm in Kagoshima, southern Japan. Certified organic by Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association.

If you would like to purchase the teas in the small gift box only (not the infuser glass and spoon - although we highly recommend these!), select 'small gift box - teas only' in 'Size' above.