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Black tea taster box ~ light & delicate

Black tea taster box ~ light & delicate

Black tea taster box ~ light & delicate

In our light and delicate black tea tasting box, I have selected three light-bodied small batch black teas: two from family run tea gardens in northern India and one from the famous Dong Ding region in Taiwan.

As soon as you open each pouch, breathe in the scent of the leaves and you will be rewarded with tantalising notes of dried apple, dark chocolate, malt, cinnamon, nut and honey; and this will give you a lovely first impression of each tea's flavour. All of these teas are best without milk.

To make it easy for you or your gift recipient to brew the perfect cup of black tea, you can choose to upgrade this box to include our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon, which comes packaged in our large gift box (select size 'Large' above). 

The teas currently in our Light & Delicate black tea taster box are:

Pareng Summer Silver Tippy Black, India
Dried apple, malt, honey
At the base of the Himalayas, nestled between two rivers and surrounded by dense forest, lies a new tea garden, planted by Mr Tabem in 2011, in a little area called Pareng, in Arunachal Pradesh, Northern India. Mr Tabem and his family have crafted this beautiful summer harvest (June to July) tea, made up of large, full leaves and an abundance of silver-gold buds. This 2018 summer harvest tea is the perfect choice for your afternoon tea. The steeped tea is ultra-light in body and has an incredible fragrance and flavour of dried apples, alongside notes of malt and honey.

Latumoni Summer Wild Bold, India
Bitter dark chocolate, malt, cinnamon and caramel
This large, leafy tea comes from a small tea garden in Latumoni, Assam, Northern India. Run by Mr Sailen, who started the garden from a small two-acre patch of land with his late father in the 1990’s, the entire tea garden is cultivated using natural and sustainable methods. These plump, full leaves smell like blackberry jam and steep into a malty, sweet tea with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and hints of cinnamon and almond. This is a high quality, small batch tea.

Dong Din Jin Xuan Black, Taiwan
Caramel, fruit, nut, sweet finish
This rare black tea comes from one of the most famous tea locations in Taiwan – Dong Ding. It is made from the Jin Xuan tea plant cultivar, which is typically used to make a lightly oxidised oolong. This time leaves from the 2017 harvest have been expertly crafted into a black tea, creating a flavour experience that is unique for a black tea. Dong Ding Jin Xuan Black is a light, silky and supple black tea with a rich caramel and fruit aroma that follow through into the taste of the tea, alongside roasty, nutty notes and a sweet finish.

Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. The box includes a little note card to introduce the box to the gift recipient as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.