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BLACK TEA: Imperial Pure Bud, China

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Imperial Pure Bud
Black tea, China

Flavour: brioche, cacao, nutmeg, aniseed ~ light-bodied
A premium pure-bud black tea from Simao, Yunnan province, China.

The first, unfurled leaf shoots (the ‘bud’) are harvested by hand and then carefully processed to create this beautiful tea. The beautiful leaf buds infuse into a light-bodied, mildly astringent tea with notes of brioche, cacao and hints of nutmeg and aniseed. Steeped at 90°C gives it more sweetness; at 95°C more bite.

Early March 2023 harvest of, the Yunkang #100 cultivar of Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica.

Sizes: Imperial Pure Bud comes in five sizes: a 3 gram single serve, then 20g, 50g, 100g and 200g pouches. Our leaves can all be steeped at least twice (often more), so while the 3g pouch is a single serve (150 mls - a standard tea cup size), it will give you two cups if you steep the leaves twice.