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Wind Down box

Wind Down box

Wind Down box


You've had a busy day and now you want to give yourself time to wind down before you slip into bed. Dim the lights, grab a cosy blanket and steep yourself a cup of tea to sip on while you quietly sit on the sofa reading a book or watching TV. 

We have carefully chosen two teas that are ultra-low in caffeine and beautifully mellow in flavour to help you ease the stresses of the day and calm you before bed. 

Our Wind Down box comes with:

~ Two 20g pouches of loose leaf tea (descriptions below)
~ Our Finum tea glass infuser (double walled glass, steeping net and lid/drip tray in one - the BEST devise to steep and sip your tea)
~ Our long handled teaspoon
~ Our tea steeping guide and a little card to introduce the box  

All you need to create a tranquil end to your day. 

The teas in our Wind Down box are:

Suzume 'Sparrow' Kukicha
Roasted green tea, Japan

Flavour: mocha, raw sugar, wood, apricot ~ ultra-light

Smooth and ultra-light in body, this Kukicha tea is make entirely from stems of summer harvest leaves. This tea reflects the ‘wholeness’ philosophy of Japanese Zen Buddhism where the tea farm uses the entire tea leaf without wasting any of its parts. The stems are steamed, dried then roasted, creating a rustic and mellow tea with aromas of baked apricot, caramelised sugar, mocha and wood. It is very low in caffeine. July 2020 harvest tea.  

Roasted green tea, Japan

Flavour: burnt toffee, wood, roasted nut ~ light and sweet
These beautiful, large, glossy leaves have been left on the tea plant to mature over the winter, before being harvested then steamed, rolled, dried and roasted - creating a tea that is light and sweet and almost completely caffeine free. Smell the wet leaves after you have poured your tea and you’ll notice a subtle liquorice fragrance. The steeped tea is ultra-light with notes of sweet burnt toffee, wood and roasted nuts. This soothing tea is perfect for a cold day or a as a night-time tea. March 2021 harvest.

These teas both come from Obubu Tea Farm, Kyoto Japan - an agricultural social venture with a strong focus on high quality tea, community contribution and tea education.


Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. If you would like to purchase the teas only in the small gift box (without the infuser glass and spoon - although we highly recommend these!), select 'small box - teas only' in 'Size' above.