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Organic tea box

Organic tea box

Organic tea box


Let both your mind and your body be nourished with our organic tea box. This beautifully packaged box contains a selection of four organic loose-leaf artisan teas from some of the best tea-producing counties in the world.

Each of these organic teas has been carefully selected to showcase the incredible diversity of flavour and aroma and the sensory experience that comes with carefully crafted artisan tea.

To make it easy for you or your gift recipient to brew the perfect cup of organic tea, you can choose to upgrade this box to include our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon, which comes packaged in our large gift box (select size 'Large' above). 

The teas currently in our organic tea box are:

Bukit Sari Black, organic black tea, Indonesia
Sweet malt, flowers, spice
This leafy black tea is grown at an altitude of 1000m at the Bukit Sari plantation on Java Island, Indonesia. The plantation is surrounded by conservation forest, nestled around the Citambur waterfall. The long, twisted leaves steep to reveal a clean, medium bodied tea with notes of sweet malt, flowers, pine and a little spice. USDA organic. 

Gyokuro Tsuyuhikari, organic green tea, Japan
Vegetable broth, cooked spinach, dried apricot
This Gyokuro tea comes from the Yamaguchi family tea garden in Kagoshima, Southern Japan. The leaves are shaded for two weeks before harvest, a process that increases the chlorophyll content and therefore the deep green colour of the leaves, as well as the concentration of the calming amino acid L-theanine. These slender leaves infuse into a clean, sweet and smooth tea with notes of vegetable broth, cooked spinach and a hint of dried apricot. Spring 2019 harvest. Certified organic by Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association (KOAA).

Cape Jasmine, organic oolong tea, Taiwan
Cape Jasmine, hint of cream
Organic Cape Jasmine flowers have been blended with organic Jade oolong to create this sweet, heady and fragrant tea.  The leaves infuse into a honey yellow liquor that when sipped, coats the mouth with its thick floral character and rewards you with a subtle hint of cream at the end. Certified Organic by MOA International and Hong Kong Organic Certification Centre.

Hojicha, organic green tea, Japan
Coffee, hazelnut, toast, caramel
Hojicha is a roasted Japanese tea made with mature leaves and stalks. The roasting process creates the warm brown colour of the leaves, its mild coffee-like aroma, and the toasty, nutty flavour. The stalks add a sweet, caramel  inish. Hojicha has a low caffeine content, making it the perfect choice for a relaxing, after-dinner drink. 2018 harvest. Certified organic by Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association (KOAA).

Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. The box includes a little note card to introduce the box to the gift recipient as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.