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Green tea taster box

Green tea taster box

Green tea taster box


From light, floral and fruity notes to deep savoury flavours of chestnut and green beans, with our green tea taster box you can experience the different styles of green tea, how terroir and processing techniques create of vibrant range of flavours and find out which type is your favourite. This box is perfect for any green tea lover.

To make it easy for you or your gift recipient to brew the perfect cup of green tea, you can choose to upgrade this box to include our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon, which comes packaged in our large gift box (select size 'Large' above. 

The teas currently in our green tea lover's box are:

Koliapani, India 
Lemon, pear, lychee, zucchini
This 2018 summer harvest green tea has a beautifully fruity flavour profile with lemon notes coming though strongly in both the aroma and taste of the tea. This is accompanied by hints of dried pear, persimmon skins, lychee and fresh zucchini, particularly in the second infusion. It has a slight astringent finish making it a great tea to serve with food.  This small batch, hand crafted tea comes from Assam in Northern India.

Long Jing 'Dragonwell', China
Chestnut, green vegetables, hint of fruit
Long Jing is the most famous green tea in China. Its green leaves are smooth and flat, shaped by a skilled hand in a hot wok; a technique perfected by tea masters over many centuries. Long Jing translates to Dragon Well, which, according to Chinese legend, was the name bestowed upon the local tea crop after a dragon hiding in a well broke a long drought many centuries ago. This premium grade Long Jing is an early Spring (March) 2019 harvest.

Jasmine Pearls, China
Jasmine, fresh cut hay – smooth & balanced
This Imperial Grade Jasmine Pearls green tea is made with 2019 ‘first flush’ leaves (the very first leaves to appear in spring after the winter dormancy) and fresh Jasmine petals. A unique steaming process is used to naturally draw out the petal’s fragrance into the tea leaves. The petals are then discarded and the tea leaves expertly hand-rolled into small pearls, sealing in the floral aroma.

Sencha Yabukita, Japan
Green beans, roasted pumpkin, seaweed
This premium quality sencha comes from the first spring harvest of 2019, grown on the Yamaguchi family tea farm in Kagoshima, Southern Japan. It is shaded for five days before harvest. While the dry leaves emit a sweet and fruity aroma, the steeped tea smells of buttery vegetable broth and has a comforting umami flavour with notes of raw green beans, roasted pumpkin skins and seaweed, followed by a little kick of pleasant bitterness in the finish. Certified organic by Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association (KOAA).


Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. The box includes a little note card to introduce the box to the gift recipient as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.