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Green tea taster box

Green tea taster box

Green tea taster box


This box is perfect for any green tea lover who enjoys the invigorating, nourishing savoury experience of green tea. With this box, you can experience five different styles of green tea from China, Japan and Vietnam. Discover how terroir and processing techniques turn the same, simple tea leaf into a vibrant range of colours, shapes and flavours. 

Our green tea taster box comes with:

~ Five 20g pouches of green tea (descriptions below).

~ Our Finum tea glass infuser (double walled glass, steeping net and lid/drip tray in one).

~ Our long handled teaspoon.

~ Our tea steeping guide and a little card to introduce the box .

The teas  in our green tea taster box are:

Laoshan Imperial Green, China 
Flavour: Roasted chestnut, crunchy green beans, mineral ~ sweet & savoury
This Spring harvest, imperial grade green tea is grown and crafted by the Liang family in Laoshan Village, located in the coastal province of Shandong, Eastern China. The tea plants are covered by shading cloths during winter to protect from frost and for the first part of spring; a process which intensifies the nutrient content inside the leaf and deepens the leaf colour. The shades are then lifted to allow the plants to grow in full sun before harvest in early April.

When infused, the tea releases fragrant notes of chestnut, flowers and butter. The steeped tea is medium-bodied with light astringency and notes of roasted chestnut, crunchy green beans and a soft minerality. It is both sweet and savoury. April 2021 harvest.

Five Penny, Vietnam
Flavour, Citrus, vegetal, mineral ~ light-bodied
Five Penny is crafted from leaves of wild tea plants that grow in ancient forests on the misty mountain slopes Suoi Giang, Yen Bai Province, Northern Vietnam. It is harvested by ethnic minority H’Mong families, who hand-pluck the first bud and two leaves from each stem. This wild, wiry tea releases a citrus fragrance when steeped. It is light in body with a refreshing bitterness and savoury notes of vegetable broth, herbs and gooseberry followed by a mineral aftertaste. April 2021 harvest.

Genmaicha Premium, Japan
Flavour: marine, steamed greens, toasty & smooth
While 'Genmaicha' translates to 'brown rice tea', it is often affectionately called ‘Popcorn tea’. The toasted notes of the roasted rice complement the savoury profile of the sencha, creating a smooth and comforting tea that works well on its own or with food- chicken, vegetables, noodle and rice dishes and Japanese cuisine in particular. This is a Spring (April) 2021 harvest tea from the Yamaguchi family tea farm in Kagoshima, southern Japan. Certified organic by Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association.

Sencha of the Wind, Japan
Flavour: vegetal, marine, umami ~ medium bodied & smooth
These leaves are shaded for two weeks before harvest, then immediately steamed, rolled and dried to create Sencha of the Wind. The jade-coloured needles steep into an umami tasting tea with notes of seaweed, butternut pumpkin and wet stone. Sencha of the Wind has a smooth mouthfeel and a rich and rounded texture. This May 2021 harvest tea comes from Obubu Tea Farm, Kyoto Japan - an agricultural social venture with a strong focus on high quality tea, community contribution and tea education.

Imperial Xinyang Mao Jian, China 
Flavour: artichoke, cooked spinach, roasted chestnut ~ light-bodied

Xinyang Mao Jian is one of the most famous teas in China and has been crafted in Henan province for thousands of years. Mao Jian means ‘furry tips’. This imperial grade tea is the first flush of Spring 2021, harvested in late March from Qinling Mountain, Xinyang township. These stunning leaves infuse into a sweet, savoury and umami tea with vegetal aromas of roasted chestnut, artichoke, cooked spinach and seaweed, which evolve with each steep. Light bodied, refreshing and moreish.

If you would like to purchase the teas only (not the infuser glass and spoon - although we highly recommend these!), select 'small gift box - teas only' in 'Size' above.