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Black tea taster box ~ rich & robust

Black tea taster box ~ rich & robust

Black tea taster box ~ rich & robust


In our rich and robust black tea taster box, I have selected four medium to full-bodied teas from four different countries that produce exceptional black tea. Each of these teas has malty base notes, but they then diverge into fruity, spicy, woody and nutty flavour flourishes. These teas work beautifully alone or with milk.

To make it easy for you or your gift recipient to brew the perfect cup of black tea, you can choose to upgrade this box to include our tea glass infuser and long handled tea spoon, which comes packaged in our large gift box (select size 'Large' above.) 

The teas currently in our Rich & Robust black tea lover's box are:

China Red, China
Dried berries, wood, chocolate
Smell China Red’s slender dried leaves and you might be reminded of black forest chocolate. The steeped tea emits an aroma of ripe fruit and sweet malt and a flavour of dried berries, wood, malt and dark chocolate. This stunning black tea comes from the Feng Qing area of Lincang, China, and is crafted from a unique hybrid of two local tea plant varietals. The combination of these tea plants, the natural environment and the unique processing creates this distinctive tea. Spring 2019 harvest.

Assam Dejoo, India
Malt, roasted nut, stewed apple
This black tea is grown at Dejoo Estate, one of the top ten estates in the famous tea growing region of Assam, in North East India. The tea has an abundance of golden tips nestled within its black leaves, which infuse into a lovely bronze-red liquor with a full-bodied malt, nut and fruit flavour.

Kenya Milima
Black tea, Kenya
Malt, citrus, spice, tobacco
This full-bodied black tea from Kenya comes from one of Africa’s most esteemed tea estates, Kenya Milima. It is grown in Kenya’s highlands at an altitude of 1,800m above sea level. It is a golden tippy tea with notes of malt, citrus, spice and tobacco.

Himalaya Shangri-La Gold, Nepal 
Malt, caramel, chocolate, orange

This clean, full-bodied tea comes from the Ilam region of Nepal, just over the border from India’s famous Darjeeling tea region. These beautiful golden twisted leaves smell like a negroni cocktail. Once infused the tea releases an aroma of brown sugar and fills your mouth with decadent hints of malt, caramel, milk chocolate and orange peel followed by a pleasant smokiness in the aftertaste.

Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice. The box includes a little note card to introduce the box to the gift recipient as well as our tea steeping and tasting guide.