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Three month gift subscription

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Tea gifts. Give the gift of connection.

Each month, for three months, your gift recipient will receive a beautiful box filled with two different specialty teas, each with a unique fragrance and flavour. They will also receive information about the provenance and flavour profile of their tea selection, so that they can savour the knowledge – as well as the flavour – behind the tea they’re enjoying.  

In their first tea gift delivery, the recipient will receive our beautifully packaged gift box containing two teas, a tea glass infuser, teaspoon, gift certificate and our tea guide (valued at $84 including delivery), making it easy for them to brew the perfect cup of artisan tea. In each month following, the recipient will receive two specialty teas to enjoy.

If they’re a regular tea-drinker – that is, drinking 1-2 cups a day – the quantity of tea will last them around half the month; enough to restore, relax and enjoy alongside their regular tea-drinking routine. 

Every month, we choose one darker tea (dark, black or highly-oxidised oolong) and one lighter style tea (lightly-oxidised oolong, green, yellow or white) so there should always be one tea that suits their taste buds, plus another to help them experience a new flavour. 

The gift subscription fee includes delivery costs (New Zealand only; rural delivery attracts an additional charge).

Please note, while the wording at the top of the page states, "Delivery every 1 Month, Charge every 3 Months", the charge is only processed once, at the time of initial purchase, not every 3 months.

Timing: the first box is sent immediately and each subsequent box is sent on the 2nd of each month. However, if your initial order is after the 10th of the month, rather than sending the second box only a week or two later, we’ll send it in the first week of the month following.

Who is the subscription best for? 

If you consider your gift recipient to be a 'foodie'; if they love trying out new flavours or taking part in food or beverage tastings; and if you think they will be interested in learning more about tea, then our tea subscription is perfect for them. The flavours of specialty are different to the teas that are widely available in New Zealand, so someone who is curious about flavour will have a wonderful experience. 

If your gift recipient loves the comfort of their tea tasting the same each time, this may not be for them.