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Tea for a summer afternoon

Tea for a summer afternoon

Tea for a summer afternoon


Light-bodied, refreshing and flowery, these four teas evoke images of warm afternoons spent sitting in the shade under a tree in the garden with a good book. They are all beautiful hot steeped or cold-brewed in sparkling water.

Steep your tea, grab a book and a sunhat, find a nice place in the garden and allow yourself to relax.

Our Tea for a Summer Afternoon box comes with:

- Four 20g pouches of tea (descriptions below).

- Our Finum tea glass infuser (double walled glass, steeping net and lid/drip tray in one).

- Our long handled teaspoon.

- Our tea steeping guide, a little card to introduce the box and instructions on hot to cold-brew tea in sparkling water.   

The teas in our Tea for a Summer Afternoon box are:

Cape Jasmine Oolong, oolong tea, Taiwan
Flavour: Cape Jasmine, hint of cream 
Organic Cape Jasmine flowers have been blended with organic Jade oolong to create this sweet, heady and fragrant tea. The leaves infuse into a honey-yellow liquor that when sipped, coats the mouth with its thick floral character and rewards you with a subtle hint of cream at the end. Spring 2021 harvest. Certified Organic by MOA International and Hong Kong Organic Certification Centre.

Jasmine Pearls, green tea, China 
Flavour: jasmine, fresh cut hay - smooth and balanced
This Imperial Grade Jasmine Pearls green tea is made with 2023 ‘first flush’ leaves (the very first leaves to appear in spring after the winter dormancy) and fresh Jasmine petals. A unique steaming process is used to naturally draw out the petal’s fragrance into the tea leaves. The petals are then discarded and the tea leaves expertly hand-rolled into small pearls, sealing in the floral aroma. The result is an aromatic, fresh and fragrant tea that works well hot or cold-brewed. 

Himalayan Evergreen Spring, organic green tea, Nepal
Flavour: floral, vegetal, buttery ~ light-bodied
Himalayan Evergreen is Jun Chiyabari’s premium-grade green tea. This is the 2023 Spring harvest, plucked by hand on 8 April from plants growing at an elevation of 1850m. The leaves are withered, pan-fired, rolled and oven-dried, resulting in a delicate and sweet green tea. Jun Chiyabari, meaning ‘Moonlit tea garden’, is a family-run, high mountain tea estate led by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali. The tea plants are set in small plots scattered between forests, bamboo groves, boulders and streams, at an altitude of 1650m to 2100m in Dhankuta, east Nepal. The terroir, the brothers’ commitment to organic production and careful processing create rare, high quality, light and aromatic full-leaf teas. Organic certification by IMO.

Bagua Shan Siji Chun - unroasted, oolong tea, Taiwan
Flavour: creamy, floral & fruity
This refreshing Spring harvest oolong releases a beautiful fragrance of nectar, warm cream and gardenia when infused. It has a soft, smooth mouthfeel with notes of cacao butter, berries and flowers. These leaves were harvested on 27 March 2023. They come from Siji Chun Wū Lóng cultivar tea plants from one of the Wang family gardens which sits at an altitude of 450m in Bāguà Shān, Nantou County, Taiwan. The Wang Family has been involved in Taiwanese tea for many generations. The company is now run by brother and sister duo Joshua and Ivy Wang, who have a passion for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and sharing the best tea that Taiwan has to offer.


If you would like to purchase the teas only (not the infuser glass and spoon - although we highly recommend these!), select 'small box - teas only' in 'Size' above. These come in our small gift box.