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Oolong taster box

Oolong taster box

Oolong taster box


Fragrant and full of intrigue, oolong tea can surprise and delight a tea drinker. Oolong is the style of tea that most people love. 

Oolong is a semi-oxidised tea and sits right in the middle of the six categories of tea: white, green, yellow, oolong, black and dark tea.

For our oolong taster box, we have a selection of six oolong teas available from Taiwan, Nepal, Malawi and Vietnam, each with a unique flavour profile.

Our Oolong Taster box comes with:

~ Six 20g pouches of loose leaf tea (descriptions below)

~ Our Finum tea glass infuser (double-walled glass, steeping net and lid/drip tray in one - the BEST devise to steep and sip your tea)

~ Our long-handled teaspoon

Our tea steeping guide and a card to introduce the box  

Teas only
If you would like to purchase the teas only in the small gift box (without the infuser glass and spoon - although we highly recommend these!), select 'small box teas only' in the 'Size' options above.

The teas in our oolong taster box are:

Bagua Shan Siji Chun - roasted, Taiwan 
Flavour: sweet bread, roasted nuts, dried berries
This is the Wang Family’s roasted version of their 2023 Spring harvest Bagua Shan Siji Chun oolong. The leaves, from the Siji Chun Wū Lóng tea plant cultivar, were harvested on 27 March 2023 in Bāguà Shān, Nantou County, Taiwan. They are taken through three different roasting temperatures which gently transforms their flavour. The infusion is moreish and comforting with notes of sweet bread, roasted nuts and raisin. The Wang Family has been involved in Taiwanese tea for many generations. The company is now run by brother and sister duo Joshua and Ivy Wang, who have a passion for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and sharing the best tea that Taiwan has to offer.

Cape Jasmine, Taiwan

Flavour: jasmine, hint of cream ~ floral & fragrant
Organic Cape Jasmine flowers have been blended with organic Jade oolong to create this sweet, heady and fragrant tea. The leaves infuse into a honey-yellow liquor that when sipped, coats the mouth with its thick floral character and rewards you with a subtle hint of cream at the end. Spring 2021 harvest. Certified Organic by MOA International and Hong Kong Organic Certification Centre.

Three Moons, Vietnam 
Flavour: vegetal, floral and fruity ~ smooth & creamy
Three Moons is a semi-oxidised oolong that is lightly roasted multiple times over three months – or ‘three moons’ – to give it characteristics of an aged tea. This enigmatic tea reveals fascinating aromas – vegetal notes of roasted green bean intermingled with nut and fruity notes of green apple and melon, followed by a floral finish. This is the September 2021 harvest.Three Moons is grown and processed on a 33-hectare tea farm on the rolling Moc Chau plateau at an altitude between 1100 and 1200 metres. Moc Chau lies in Son La Province, Northwest Vietnam. It is a region filled with beautiful landscapes and many tea gardens. It is also known for dairy farming and the growing of plums, apricots and flowers.

Himalayan Moon Drops, organic oolong tea, Nepal
Flavour: floral, malty, creamy & sweet

rvested in June 2023, Himalayan Moon Drops is a sensory feast. It is crafted using hand-harvested leaves from Japanese and Taiwanese tea plant cultivars that are grown at an elevation of 1850m. The steeped infusion is smooth and creamy with notes of flowers, sweet malt, raw sugar and sweetened whipped cream. Jun Chiyabari, meaning ‘Moonlit tea garden’, is a family-run, high mountain tea estate led by brothers Bachan and Lochan Gyawali. The tea plants are set in small plots scattered between forests, bamboo groves, boulders and streams, at an altitude of 1650m to 2100m in Dhankuta, east Nepal. The terroir, the brothers’ commitment to organic production and careful processing creates rare, high-quality, light and aromatic full-leaf teas. Organic certification by IMO.

GABA oolong, Taiwan 
Flavour: toffee, nut, butterscotch, sweet potato ~ light-bodied
GABA teas have a high concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid which is said to help reduce anxiety and stress and induce calm. The GABA content also creates a baked sweet potato-like flavour, quite unique to other oolongs. This 2021 Spring harvest GABA has the signature sweet potato flavour alongside notes of toffee, butterscotch, honey and nut. This is a light-bodied, sweet, soothing tea.

Livingstone Twist & Dry Oolong, oolong tea, Malawi
Flavour: wood, spice, berry
This unique oolong is named after Scottish physician David Livingstone, a well-known explorer and advocate of Africa in the 1800’s. Its neatly twisted leaves infuse into a dry, mild and round tea with warming notes of wood, leather, berry and sweet spice. June 2022 harvest. This tea comes from Satemwa, a small family-run tea estate nestled in the Shire Highlands in Thyolo, southern Malawi, Africa. Founded in 1923, Satemwa is certified by Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance and has a strong focus on sustainability and ethical tea production.

Each tea is 20 grams and the leaves can be steeped at least twice.